Sunday, 22 November 2009

Ground Naturale 1

In the summer of 2007 during the month long Open Studio event in Norfolk UK, my wife and I visited the studio of Susan Gunn and what we found there took my breath away.

                      Ground Naturale 1  61cm x 61cm x 7.5cm
                                 Oils, wax, pigment & gesso on canvas & board

Susan’s work is minimalist in both colour and form and yet is deeply moving and inspirational.  Using traditional gesso and encaustic she has developed a technique of controlling the cracks and fissures that occur which, despite her flawless craftsmanship, give the work a timeless feel.

                       Sacro Terra Study 2007  61cm x 61cm 4cm
                                Genuine 22carat gold leaf, encaustic waxes, pigment and
                                gesso on finest linen & board

We bought Ground Naturale 1 there and then and have since bought another smaller work from Susan’s Norwich Castle solo exhibition in the autumn of 2008.

                     Black Wide Straits, 2008  76.5cm x 76.5cm x 4cm
                               Oils, wax, pigment & gesso on canvas & board

To see other work by Susan Gunn including some of her very large work click here.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Ian I am just so glad that your blog has become part of my world. I absolutely love minimalism. Your own work in progress on your side bar is very inciting. You have an exquisite aesthetic sense. I have an all white piece with dark under markings on my side bar now and it's my favorite of my own currently. I keep striving for an all white series. Once I find my way into it, who knows where it will go? Thank you for introducing me to Susan Gunn and to your work as well.

The Artist Within Us said...

I remember when you wrote me about the purchase of her paintings and seeing her website. It has been a while since and the timing of seeing her work again could not have come at a better time than now.

The similarity and their differences between Sean Scully and Susan's own work is interesting to observe, especially after seeing her much larger pieces of artwork.

I can also see what it is you are aiming for in your own work.

Thank you for sharing,

nancy neva gagliano said...

lucky you, to live with such work...soothing, fascinating, and inspiring for your own work.
thanks for sharing...the crackling effect is magnetic.

layers said...

As a lover of minimalism and textures myself-- these are wonderful-- and you work in progress is 'promising' me a wonderful piece as well.

Kelly M. said...

empty space, space that is not cluttered with marks and colors, these breathless fields of quiet are meditative, easing to the soul especially during these noise-filled times. Thank you, Ian, for sharing.

Mostly Turquoise said...


thanks for introducing me to the work of Susan Gunn, and can't wait to see the finished work from your sidebar, it looks promising already now!

Regina, St. Maarten

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I have been visiting Susan Gunn's site...fascinating, thank you.
I'm following your sidebar as so many love the texture.

merci33 said...

it is so exciting to see the work of someone who speaks a language that you 'yearn to learn' yourself...this is how I feel looking at Susan's canvases. The elegant restraint and magnificent surface texture is stunning.
Thanks so much for sharing her :-)

Poetic Artist said...

I did just find your blog..I am so glad I did..

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