Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fired Earth

Fired Earth 24" x 24"
Mixed media on canvas.

I recently finished this painting, which was a bit experimental and not entirely successful.  The texture, that is a bit difficult to see in this photo, was created by covering the canvas on the right hand side with Japanese paper well soaked in dilute PVA adhesive and then pushing it about into ridges and creases, all the time keeping it well doused with the PVA.

The left side was treated in the same way but using newspaper to create rather deeper ridges and creases.

Your critical comments would be appreciated


Caterina Giglio said...

I very much like the texture and color, and compositionally I feel it could use a touch of interest.

nancy neva gagliano said...

thanks for the PVA tips...
somehow, i'd love to see if rotate...the darker part on the that seem between the two colors!

layers said...

very minimal-- very textured-- very poetic

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Hi Ian,

As you know I like using newsprint and tissue paper in my paintings I feel you have a good foundation. I agree with Caterina (La Dolce Vita) that it needs a touch of interest and my thought was, where is the text of the newspaper? Having some of the test, especially larger letters revealed would be that interest and an nice off-set to the tissue paper.

I cannot tell if you are using mulberry tissue paper that has natural fibers and this would be subtle enough not to take away from the newsprint, if you go with type.

The colour selection and balance between the two if just right.

Warmest regards

Leslie Avon Miller said...

The piece fits the title perfectly. I love minimalism, and often try to add more interest (I think to please other people?), but find myself taking it out again. When I am not sure, I live with the piece awhile. Eventually an answer will come to me.

merci33 said...

This piece fits so well with the title of your blog. This painting immediately brings to my mind the amazing and gorgeous curving earthen walls made by Andy Goldsworthy.

I love the way
the space and the density of the color to the left holds and grounds...while for my eye... the lighter value and hue to the right creates a breathing space that opens out and causes me to wonder... what will happen next.

The Artist Within Us said...


I needed to revisit your work and also review my earlier comment.

Though I have the option of deleting the first comment, I am going to let it stand and admit that in part I was in error with my first review.

The part I am withdrawing has to do with the newsprint and the desire to see typography. It would work if it is my canvas but this is your painting. However as for the Mulberry texture of the tissue paper I had suggested, I am inclined to keep it as an option.

Warmest regards,

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The title speaks so well of the mottled opaque browns and blacks of the, charred. The lighter half speaks of atmosphere, stirred up. I like it.

Sondra said...

I love the simplicity, minimalism and texture...thank you.

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