Thursday 27 February 2014

Ian Foster 25 August 1938 – 16 January 2014

After a long illness my father passed away in January this year.  I hope that perhaps somewhere now he is now able to enjoy his art and the abstract painting that he had been unable to pursue recently.

Richard Foster
27 February 2014

Saturday 11 August 2012


I am showing work in this group exhibition later in the month, if any bloggers are in the area we would be very pleased to see you.

Friday 3 August 2012

Flooded Marsh

Here is something a little more  representational than usual,

Flooded Marsh  Mixed media on panel  16" x 16" (40cm x 40cm)

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Two recent paintings

Here are two recent paintings both of which are new versions of previously posted work, your critique would be welcome.

Minimal 2   Mixed media on panel  

Ancient Wall 3   Mixed media on panel
40cm x 60cm  (16" x 24")

Thursday 8 March 2012

Return to Minimalism

I seem to have strayed a long way from the minimalism that I am very keen on so here is a work that gets me back on the straight and narrow again.

Untitled mixed media on panel 60 x 40 cm (24" x 16")

Thursday 19 January 2012

January texture

I find texture in paintings very appealing and have been using a new technique on my last few paintings, since Christmas I have been trying to develop this further, here is my most recently completed work.

January texture. Mixed media on panel. 16" x 24"(40 x 60 cm)

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Winter solstice

This is the first in a planned series of four depicting the seasons of the year, I hope this works out satisfactorily. I have already made a start on Spring only to paint it all out and start again, I hope for better luck this time.

'Winter solstice'  Mixed media on panel  40cm x 40cm (16" x 16")

Friday 18 November 2011

Untitled (as yet)


After a lengthy absence, at last, a new painting to post, as yet untitled.
I am not sure this is the right way to approach titling but in this case that is the way it is.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Untitled  Mixed media on panel  16" x 24"  (40cm x 60cm)

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