Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Two recent paintings

Here are two recent paintings both of which are new versions of previously posted work, your critique would be welcome.

Minimal 2   Mixed media on panel  

Ancient Wall 3   Mixed media on panel
40cm x 60cm  (16" x 24")


Unknown said...

Greetings Ian,

It seems you have found your voice and that is very good news. I do confess, I wish they had a little more color and not appear sad and lonely. However do continue and explore textures and your interpretation of them.

Warmest reagards,

Donna Iona Drozda said...

Hi Ian
I find your new 'return to minimalism' studies quietly rich and,as your one title suggests, ancient in feel.

The layers, the controlled color pallet, combined with the spontaneous quality of the surface build up...read as mysterious tracks of time.

Ken Rowe said...

Hi Ian. I am enjoying your blog. Fine body of work mate. Congratulations. I am becoming more and more drawn to a more minimalist aesthetic myself. Its a difficult balancing act - making marks, which I love doing, and making them in such a way as they sit back far enough to meet a minimalist condition. I have had some success with graphite (frottage) but none up to this time with paint. Ah well, must push on.
I have a blog at kenrowe.blogspot.com.au if you are interested.

Narayan Pillai said...

Beautiful painting Ian! I especially love the minimalist approach even with the colors.

layers said...

your 'return to minimalism' is wonderful.. though I never thought you had left minimalism. Your work is always richly textured with warm colors and simple compositions.. very wabi sabi.

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